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Limiting the Sound Loudness Level

Sound Lock is a free audio application that limits the volume of the sound that comes out of your PC. When you want to watch movies or listen to music, but don’t want to manually adjust your volume during loud scenes, this software can help. It allows you to limit the volume of your playback by detecting the loudness and lowering it to the level you have set. With this, you can continue your streaming without breaking your eardrums.

How to use Sound Lock?

Sound Lock is an effective sound output level limiter for PCs. It is a lightweight application created to help users limit the sound level of all audio streams they play on their computers. The user will only have to set their desired limit by dragging the indicator in the built-in slider. Don’t worry about getting lost in the app as it comes with a pretty straightforward interface. You can even pin the app on your taskbar.

Aside from setting the limit of the sound, you can also enable or disable the program’s setting directly from the taskbar. You only have to click the lock icon to launch the app. you can also select the filtering mode—either channel or master—and configure the parameters for the output channels and devices. This applies to headphones, speakers, or any default device.

How does Sound Lock work?

Basically, Sound Lock keeps a tab of your audio stream volume to keep it from being too high. It can automatically detect the volume of the utility you’re running in your computer and adjust it to your pre-defined setting.  It runs quietly on the background until you launch it to tweak the settings.

The app stays on top of the programs, no matter how many windows you open. It carries out its tasks quickly and without errors. More, it leaves minimal footprints on your system, so it does not affect the overall performance of your computer.

Sound Lock is very easy to use that even rookies can master the entire process without needing a high learning curve. It also works well with various media players. However, it does not have any other purpose, aside from making sure that the volume of your stream does not exceed your pre-set level. More so, unlike VolumeLock, the app does not come with password protect, which means anyone can alter your pre-defined sound level. It also does not have an audio recording volume option.


In conclusion, Sound Lock is a simple yet effective solution when you are looking to keep a standard volume level to all your sound stream. It is easy to use and very accessible as it can be launched on your taskbar. Moreover, it can run in the background and stays on top of all the apps you opened. It is a good utility to have if you don’t want to manually adjust volumes, every time.

Limit the sound loudness level in real time.

Sound Lock allows you to limit the sound output level of your playback, and it does this by detecting the loudness of playback and decreases it to the level you set. This way you no longer have to be frustrated by the loud action scenes or soundtrack going through the roof. To achieve this goal effectivly, Sound Lock adjusts the system volume per channel (up to 14 channels), and generates smooth sound output throughout the playback. It actualy turns the volume down for you during the loud scenes and winds it back up after they finish, so you can continue to watch the movie without having to adjust the volume manually.

The controls provided allow you to easily set the sound output limit by draging the bar to the desired level.

Sound Lock works in real time by adjusting the system volume per channel (up to 14 channels), and generates smooth sound output throughout the playback. It is compatible with all sorts of audio/video software as it works on the level of the operating system.

Users who watch movies at night and are annoyed by loud bursts of sounds. With Sound Lock you no longer have to be frustrated by the loud action scenes or soundtrack going through the roof.


  • Easy to use
  • Runs quietly on the background
  • Leaves minimal footprint on the system
  • Works well with other media software


  • Only an audio output level locker
  • No pre-set sound level
  • No help function
  • Does not come with password protect

Older versions

Sound Lock for PC

  • Free
  • In English
  • V 1.3.2
  • 3.9
  • (140)
  • Security Status

User reviews about Sound Lock

  • Arjun Bk

    by Arjun Bk

    I dont think it works on bluetooth speakers. I am trying to find the solution as of now.

  • Ahmad ElGamal

    by Ahmad ElGamal

    Oh yes.. Absolutely I would recommend this software. I wonder how I never searched for such a software earlier! It solved an ancient issue with the fl More

  • Rick Martin

    by Rick Martin

    I think it is a fairly good product but it needs some refinement. I would be happy to give more advice if you let me beta test my suggestions. I would More


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